Your Health Is Our Priority

GreenLife Pharmaceuticals primary business focus is on the healthcare delivery. The company has the vision of ‘being’ a vanguard for healthy living and a choice companion to all her publics. The company has over time introduced some pharmaceuticals products of various therapeutical segments which have become brand leaders into the Nigerian markets: Anti-malarias, Anti-Infective, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Hypertensive, Multivitamins among others.

"At GREENLIFE Pharmaceuticals, we are re-imagining medicine, leading the fight against drug counterfeit, and working towards a malaria-free continent."

It has recently diversified into the fast moving consumable goods sector with a range of products which includes, Day by Day Moisturizing Soap, GreenTol Lozenges/sweets etc. The company products are also marketed in some other countries on the West Coast of Africa.

Our Vision

Vanguard of health living and choice companion to all our publics.

Our Mission

We are a world class pharmaceutical company in Nigeria committed to the provision of affordable brands to promote healthy living.

Our Purpose

We are committed to happier, healthier and prolonged human endeavours through the provision of efficient pharmaceutical solutions at all times.