Posted On: November 22, 2022

World Malaria Day 2019

Press Release, Lagos –

Zeithaml et al (1984) posited that the fundamental responsibility of Marketing is to effect change in the external environment, in which a business operates. Marketing’s role as an agent of change at the business level is a theme which can be traced back to Alderson (1961) who depicted Marketing as a process of arriving at desirable outcomes.

Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Limited is a wholesome manufacturing and distribution concern, with marketing of affordable medicines especially anti-malaria drugs being at the heart of our business. As a Marketing concern we are committed to deploying this to effect a drastic reduction in deaths attributable to malaria in Nigeria, through the provision of information by way of education and enlightenment.

Through the years we have consistently provided affordable malaria commodities across the length and breadth of the country. However to ensure proper and rational use of these Malaria commodities we have year on year deployed significant resources towards marketing communications and public education on the use of these Malaria commodities, especially ACTs; the WHO approved treatment standard for P. falciparum Malaria in sub Saharan Africa. The aim is to point to availability, improve uptake and ensure their proper use following rapid testing and diagnosis.

This has proven to be successful as recent studies have shown a reduction in deaths attributable to Malaria as well as reduction in transmission in areas with previously well documented high infection rates. This can only be related to reduction in gametocyte load (a fallout of increased uptake and use of ACTs) a key factor in transmission of the infection in areas of high endemicity.

So it can be safely said that a co-ordinated approach anchored on Marketing can help bring about social behavioural change that can lead to individuals taking decisive action to improve their health.

As we celebrate another world malaria day aptly themed ‘Zero Malaria starts with me’, there is a need for all stakeholders to once again spread the word that together we can tackle this monster. All that is required is an outward sign which is an expression of an inward commitment to bring an end to this age old scourge.

Derrick Osondu.

Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Limited

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